Apple patents a hybrid of ‘smartphone’ and computer

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The end of the Mac is closer. At least, according to the latest patent filed by Apple on Thursday. The idea is not recent the processing took place on September 20, 2016 a few days after showing the iPhone 7. Apple plans a hybrid computer as a future option. With…Read More
Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence to detects cancer

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Determining the type of cancer of a patient is somewhat complicated in some cases and a reason why pathologists. Oncologists do not always agree, putting the patient's health at risk if a mistake is made. Fortunately, Google may resolve these issues in the future. Give a diagnosis with 89% of…Read More
Sales of PlayStation

Sales of PlayStation VR have surprised even Sony

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The virtual reality device of PlayStation 4 passed the 900,000 units sold a figure well above the competition. Virtual reality is a format that has not yet taken off despite having several quality devices on the market. Facebook has Oculus Rift, HTC and Steam has Live Samsung has its VR…Read More
Responsive code generator

Responsive code generator on your sites

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We all already know the great importance of our sites presenting a responsive design so they are perfectly shown in all kinds of devices and resolutions in smart phones. That a site is responsive is not a whim or an extra added, it is a current need that favors SEO…Read More