A hybrid material

A hybrid material with programmable electronic properties

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An organic-inorganic hybrid material with new properties has just been designed its originality a sophisticated multilayer structure. That presents unique electronic optical capabilities as controllable programmable. The interest of this type of hetero structure by successfully adjusting the electrical magnetic or optical properties of a material such as graphene new…Read More
gaming accessories

HyperX is in the field of gaming accessories

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Although there is a market and increasingly popular flashy accessories and, most importantly, expensive around computers and game consoles, it is the big brands that are staying with most consumers and sponsors. In this scenario, HyperX seems to be struggling with more or less competitive prices and high quality accessories…Read More
Android mobile notifications

Guide for personalizing your Android mobile notifications

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Android has always been a very customizable operating system and not just the personalization layer, the icons or the themes of a device. Also for some default options, which greatly facilitate our experience with the operating system? Notifications on Android are a world. We have many options to personalize them,…Read More
WhatsApp issues

WhatsApp issues and how to fix them

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WhatsApp has become the indispensable application for all mortals who use a smartphone. The dependence is such that on many occasions when WhatsApp problems appear, a kind of social alarm begins to spread. The generalized panic reaches all corners of the planet and we just want the service to start…Read More
Wikileaks news

Wikileaks reveals information the CIA uses to hack Windows

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From the documentation, which has been leaked in the last few hours, it follows that the CIA routinely uses different tools to hack Windows computers. The new release that just released Wiki Leaks is composed of a series of 27 documents. These describe what the CIA would have called with…Read More