A hybrid material with programmable electronic properties

A hybrid material

An organic-inorganic hybrid material with new properties has just been designed its originality a sophisticated multilayer structure. That presents unique electronic optical capabilities as controllable programmable. The interest of this type of hetero structure by successfully adjusting the electrical magnetic or optical properties of a material such as graphene new perspectives can be imagined in numerous industrial applications: transistors, memories, integrated circuits, etc.

A hybrid material

Some crystalline inorganic materials have a single layer of atoms such as graphene or boron nitride. Stacked on top of each other these two dimensional materials may present modulations of energy at their surface called periodic potentials. This phenomenon can be translated by the modification of certain chemical and physical properties of a crystal such as grapheme. However, these energy variations are limited and uncontrollable difficult to profit from it. Continue reading “A hybrid material with programmable electronic properties”

HyperX is in the field of gaming accessories

Although there is a market and increasingly popular flashy accessories and, most importantly, expensive around computers and game consoles, it is the big brands that are staying with most consumers and sponsors. In this scenario, HyperX seems to be struggling with more or less competitive prices and high quality accessories to make a dent. Another thing is whether he will get it or whether he will stay in the lurch.

gaming accessories

After testing his new keyboard and his new mouse, I would bet more on the first than on the second. This means that you have the Ñ and an Intro key of the size to which we are accustomed, but that some symbols are not in the usual place. It is a bug that can repel many, but that in my use after two weeks has not seemed a big problem, either because I have memorized the keys after years writing daily or because I like it so much, so much typing in it that this paste It does not seem so important anymore. Continue reading “HyperX is in the field of gaming accessories”

Guide for personalizing your Android mobile notifications

Android has always been a very customizable operating system and not just the personalization layer, the icons or the themes of a device. Also for some default options, which greatly facilitate our experience with the operating system? Notifications on Android are a world. We have many options to personalize them, prioritize some, and make the most annoying ones disappear and many more options. We show you how to customize them and all the options available.

Android mobile notifications

On most Android devices, we have an option in settings, which allows us to customize notifications quickly and accurately. There are some very simple options, such as activating or deactivating the Notification Notification LED, or change it in color. There is also an option, where we can manage the notifications of each of the applications installed in our device. To do this, we must go to Settings, notifications and enter ‘Notification management’ (Android Stock does not need the last step). Continue reading “Guide for personalizing your Android mobile notifications”

WhatsApp issues and how to fix them

WhatsApp has become the indispensable application for all mortals who use a smartphone. The dependence is such that on many occasions when WhatsApp problems appear, a kind of social alarm begins to spread. The generalized panic reaches all corners of the planet and we just want the service to start responding.

WhatsApp issues

At other times, the application has another set of drawbacks. Concrete mistakes that only happen to us, and we do not know how to arrange to continue enjoying WhatsApp as always. For all those who want to know everything about the app. For those who want to be prepared just in case. Continue reading “WhatsApp issues and how to fix them”

Wikileaks reveals information the CIA uses to hack Windows

From the documentation, which has been leaked in the last few hours, it follows that the CIA routinely uses different tools to hack Windows computers. The new release that just released Wiki Leaks is composed of a series of 27 documents. These describe what the CIA would have called with the code name “Grasshopper”. One of the most important: create malware aimed at Windows computers.

Within these documents, different keys and tools are offered. It seems that these can be combined according to the needs of the researchers. Although instructions may have been useful in some cases to investigate certain issues, it is clear that the misuse of these weapons can be devastating.

Grasshopper, a set of techniques to hack Windows in fact, they would also be of great help to all those hackers and cybercriminals who want to perfect their technique when creating specific malware for Windows. As detailed in this guide Grasshopper is a set of software tools that can be used to make custom installable files. These can be run on Windows and diversify your way of operating.

The nature of the executable will depend on the needs of the investigator or the cybercriminal who is working for fraudulent purposes. Thus, the system developer can describe the conditions of the attack. Then you can configure the tool so that the files work for the desired objective.

Thus spies the CIA to its objectives

The manuals that have just leaked Wiki Leaks reveal a way of operating the CIA that until now had not been seen it is the system that has these services to access the computers that run Windows, the Microsoft operating system. One of the techniques described here reveals how to get rid of antivirus protection. In addition, among those affected would be specific tools like Microsoft Windows Defender, Symantec.

The most curious of all is that to design this hacking tool, these professionals were based on the operation of Carver. A dangerous Russian malware used by organized crime. As detailed in these documents, the different tools of the Grasshopper code allow a pre-inspection of the installation of the target device. In this way, the system can determine whether to install according to the configuration of the equipment.

It is about being able to customize the intervention on the hacked computer. In addition, bypassing the antivirus restrictions and while the seepage may seem like a shameful discovery about the modus operandi of ICA it is no more than the leaks that came out last week. Documents do not disclose specific operations. Nor do they offer behavior beyond what we can imagine for an organism of these characteristics. More given the objectives pursued and the history revealed by Wiki Leaks itself.