HyperX is in the field of gaming accessories

Although there is a market and increasingly popular flashy accessories and, most importantly, expensive around computers and game consoles, it is the big brands that are staying with most consumers and sponsors. In this scenario, HyperX seems to be struggling with more or less competitive prices and high quality accessories to make a dent. Another thing is whether he will get it or whether he will stay in the lurch.

gaming accessories

After testing his new keyboard and his new mouse, I would bet more on the first than on the second. This means that you have the Ñ and an Intro key of the size to which we are accustomed, but that some symbols are not in the usual place. It is a bug that can repel many, but that in my use after two weeks has not seemed a big problem, either because I have memorized the keys after years writing daily or because I like it so much, so much typing in it that this paste It does not seem so important anymore. Continue reading “HyperX is in the field of gaming accessories”

Apple patents a hybrid of ‘smartphone’ and computer

'smartphone' and computer

The end of the Mac is closer. At least, according to the latest patent filed by Apple on Thursday. The idea is not recent the processing took place on September 20, 2016 a few days after showing the iPhone 7. Apple plans a hybrid computer as a future option. With the iPhone or iPad, each time with more powerful processors such as control centers computing and a casing with screen keyboard as a base to become portable.

'smartphone' and computer

According to the documents of the United States Patent Office, they define it as a portable and fine device whose components make it into a computer using an iPhone or iPad. Apple details that they have already tried to carry out the idea, but never completely. In the images you can see how the mobile phone fits into where the touch panel now is that does the same function as a mouse. According to the patterns and definition, the current lightning port would be the one to share both data and the power between the two devices. Continue reading “Apple patents a hybrid of ‘smartphone’ and computer”