Guide for personalizing your Android mobile notifications

Android has always been a very customizable operating system and not just the personalization layer, the icons or the themes of a device. Also for some default options, which greatly facilitate our experience with the operating system? Notifications on Android are a world. We have many options to personalize them, prioritize some, and make the most annoying ones disappear and many more options. We show you how to customize them and all the options available.

Android mobile notifications

On most Android devices, we have an option in settings, which allows us to customize notifications quickly and accurately. There are some very simple options, such as activating or deactivating the Notification Notification LED, or change it in color. There is also an option, where we can manage the notifications of each of the applications installed in our device. To do this, we must go to Settings, notifications and enter ‘Notification management’ (Android Stock does not need the last step). Continue reading “Guide for personalizing your Android mobile notifications”

First rumors about the Google Pixel 2

Google Pixel 2

Google would already be working on the continuation of its Pixel and Pixel XL introduced in October 2016, according to Android Authority. An internal report of the company itself would reveal supposed characteristics of the Google Pixel 2. It is very nice mobile phone you could try it.

Google Pixel 2

If true, Apple would have a powerful ally to encourage more companies to get rid of that port forcing users to throw their current headsets and buy some wireless. The other option is to use a headset with USB output type C preventing a use compatible with the charge of the phone (something that iPhone 7 users are already suffering). Continue reading “First rumors about the Google Pixel 2”