Movavi PDF Editor

Movavi PDF Editor for Mac Review

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As one of the more popular document formats out there, it is a safe bet that you’ve encountered PDF files in the past - for work documents, contracts, eBooks, or other content. While there are many PDF readers out there that can be used to view these files, the same…Read More
WhatsApp issues

WhatsApp issues and how to fix them

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WhatsApp has become the indispensable application for all mortals who use a smartphone. The dependence is such that on many occasions when WhatsApp problems appear, a kind of social alarm begins to spread. The generalized panic reaches all corners of the planet and we just want the service to start…Read More
Wikileaks news

Wikileaks reveals information the CIA uses to hack Windows

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From the documentation, which has been leaked in the last few hours, it follows that the CIA routinely uses different tools to hack Windows computers. The new release that just released Wiki Leaks is composed of a series of 27 documents. These describe what the CIA would have called with…Read More
Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence to detects cancer

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Determining the type of cancer of a patient is somewhat complicated in some cases and a reason why pathologists. Oncologists do not always agree, putting the patient's health at risk if a mistake is made. Fortunately, Google may resolve these issues in the future. Give a diagnosis with 89% of…Read More
3D interior design

Free software for 3D interior design

Free software for 3D Interior Design aimed at professionals in the sector and any amateur who needs to design 3D plans of their home. Compatible with the Windows operating system to design 3D plans that stands out for being a very powerful and popular solution. The application uses the native…Read More
intelligent parking system

ZTE presents a new intelligent parking system

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ZTE has decided to tackle one of the main problems of humanity find parking. In fact about 30% of the traffic of a congested city corresponds to people looking for place to leave the car. For this reason ZTE has introduced a smart parking system called NB-IoT Narrow band of…Read More
video game design course

Introduction to video game design course

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Creating video games is one of the most professional outlets of the moment so many are interested in learning the design of video games. You can also do it, also completely free with an introductory course that we share today. The complete name of the course is Introduction to video…Read More

The music application Spotify hit Windows Phone 8

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If a member of a premium account with Spotify knows that the service to listen to music via streaming offers the possibility of exporting our favorite music to your mobile. For ten euro per month, users of this service have the opportunity to listen to music from all his devices…Read More