A hybrid material

A hybrid material with programmable electronic properties

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An organic-inorganic hybrid material with new properties has just been designed its originality a sophisticated multilayer structure. That presents unique electronic optical capabilities as controllable programmable. The interest of this type of hetero structure by successfully adjusting the electrical magnetic or optical properties of a material such as graphene new…Read More
WhatsApp issues

WhatsApp issues and how to fix them

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WhatsApp has become the indispensable application for all mortals who use a smartphone. The dependence is such that on many occasions when WhatsApp problems appear, a kind of social alarm begins to spread. The generalized panic reaches all corners of the planet and we just want the service to start…Read More
Technology Tips

Technology Tips

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Discover with these tips technology, the best applications for your mobile phone and tricks to improve the security of your pc among other things. With the constant growth of the Internet, this has become part of everyday life for most people. Keeping your personal information secure, private and financial data…Read More