Create a free page in the easiest way

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This time we will discover a simple way to create a free page without having knowledge in programming, anyone who knows how to send an email can already create this free page. Obviously, you have to take into account the limitations of this service it is not valid to design impressive websites or pages intended for any professional or commercial activity.

Create a free page

However, it is a perfect solution for other cases. For example, it is ideal to put online a simple personal page a resume a promotion page for a simple event etc. To create a free page, simply by sending an email simply use the services of a site called Publish this. You will create a page with the text, images and links that we have written in our email.

How to create a free page by sending an email

As I have already said, to create a free page will only be necessary to have an email account for example Gmail. You must write your mail taking into account that it will become a web. You can include text bold, italic images and even links although videos are not supported. Although to create a free page, making use of this service is not necessary to visit any web.

The official site of Publish this in case you want to see some examples and to extend the information on its possibilities. It has no idea of ​​programming will no longer be an excuse not to put your own personal webpage online without big boasting but enough for many users who want to create a simple web.

CSS button generators are useful for creating the buttons that we are going to include on our page. They provide us with the CSS and HTML code that we must insert in the code of our site, so it is not necessary to add images that can slow the loading of the web.