First rumors about the Google Pixel 2

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Google would already be working on the continuation of its Pixel and Pixel XL introduced in October 2016, according to Android Authority. An internal report of the company itself would reveal supposed characteristics of the Google Pixel 2. It is very nice mobile phone you could try it.

Google Pixel 2

If true, Apple would have a powerful ally to encourage more companies to get rid of that port forcing users to throw their current headsets and buy some wireless. The other option is to use a headset with USB output type C preventing a use compatible with the charge of the phone (something that iPhone 7 users are already suffering).

Both the new LG and Huawei devices as well as the upcoming Galaxy S8 will finally have audio jacks a move that makes it clear that the industry and the public are mostly in favor of maintaining this port. Google has to remember that it does not have some fans as faithful as those of Apple and this measure could take its toll.

Android Oreo and premium price

Google often match the output of its new operating systems with new devices so we already imagine that the Pixel 2 will be in charge of inaugurating the new Android 8, known as Oreo. We also know that the phone will continue to target the premium market with a high price and no “Lite” versions that make it more affordable to other audiences.

As for the presentation, it will probably be in October, like its predecessor. We have therefore a lot of time to filter more information especially their hardware and to confirm if finely Google will decide to remove the most controversial port.