HyperX is in the field of gaming accessories

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Although there is a market and increasingly popular flashy accessories and, most importantly, expensive around computers and game consoles, it is the big brands that are staying with most consumers and sponsors. In this scenario, HyperX seems to be struggling with more or less competitive prices and high quality accessories to make a dent. Another thing is whether he will get it or whether he will stay in the lurch.

gaming accessories

After testing his new keyboard and his new mouse, I would bet more on the first than on the second. This means that you have the Ñ and an Intro key of the size to which we are accustomed, but that some symbols are not in the usual place. It is a bug that can repel many, but that in my use after two weeks has not seemed a big problem, either because I have memorized the keys after years writing daily or because I like it so much, so much typing in it that this paste It does not seem so important anymore.

Cherry MX Blue switches (the most tactile ones) are usually the most recommended to play shooting games, something that the brand promotes with this keyboard. However, I love to write because it looks like a typewriter. I prefer mice that weigh more and are somewhat larger. If you like, the Death adder Blade, for example, this mouse is similar.

It does not live up to the Logitech G502, which does not cost much more (the official price is higher. Amazon has a very low price is still one of the best mice to play that exist in the market. The design of both devices is at least questionable.

The Alloy is more discreet and does not stand out too much in a working environment if the bright red LEDs that are under the keys are turned off and the eight red and imitation metal finishing keys included for the WASD and 1234 are removed. If you do not mind having a red wire or a rare sparkle under your hands, they are accessories to keep in mind if you want to work better. Play in free time, of course.