Introduction to video game design course

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Creating video games is one of the most professional outlets of the moment so many are interested in learning the design of video games. You can also do it, also completely free with an introductory course that we share today. The complete name of the course is Introduction to video game design a Digital Employment initiative of Foundation Telephonic that can be followed from the educational platform.

video game design course

Being an introduction course, it is intended for anyone interested in learning how to design and develop video games, without having any previous knowledge before starting this course. The course starts in just a few days on January 9 and lasts for six weeks with an estimated 30 hours of study. It consists of five modules and 20 units or lessons.

Course of introduction to the design of videogames

The main objective of the course is that the participants learn the basic notions that should be considered when designing and developing video games. It starts from the initial concept, then move on to the different stages of development and timely analysis to identify the best option to monetize the game. Throughout the course, you will get to know the different types of players, game dynamics, and rewards of the game and many other concepts of great importance.

Course Modules

  • Introduction to video game design
  • Bases for the design of video games
  • Go from concept to prototype of the game.
  • Various aspects of development
  • Marketing the game

The presentations or slide shows are a perfect way to expose any project, display a collection of photos or create educational resources, among many other possible uses. It has versions for Windows and Mac, allows us to create slides and export them as a video file in HD quality or Full HD. Our presentations can contain images texts and audios we can also select the background and start from a predesigned template.