Movavi PDF Editor for Mac Review

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As one of the more popular document formats out there, it is a safe bet that you’ve encountered PDF files in the past – for work documents, contracts, eBooks, or other content. While there are many PDF readers out there that can be used to view these files, the same cannot be said of editors and more often than not the free apps lack a lot of features, whereas more advanced editors cost an arm and a leg.

That is what makes Movavi PDF Editor for Mac so different. It is a Mac PDF editor that is designed for OS X and will provide you with a comprehensive range of features that is a match for any of the best editors out there. At the same time it is much more affordable too – effectively giving you the best of both worlds.

Movavi PDF Editor

As a PDF viewer, Movavi PDF Editor for Mac has all the features that you’d expect including the ability to read standard PDF documents, scale pages, and so on. On top of that however it will also let you open multiple tabs of documents, and images in PNG or JPG formats.

On the editing front, you can use the features in Movavi PDF Editor for Mac to add, delete, or reorder PDF pages. Additionally you could split PDF documents, rotate pages, and update the content if necessary too.

One of the most interesting features currently available is its ability to merge PDF files – or even load content from Word, Excel, Photoshop, or AutoCAD as PDFs and merge them. Its ability to merge files makes it easy to add to any PDF document at any time, which will prove useful if you want to periodically scan documents but store them in a single PDF file. Aside from saving the document as a PDF or individual pages as standalone PDF files, you could also export them as JPG or PNG images – or vice versa.

It is worth noting that there are a lot of other upcoming features on the cards for Movavi PDF Editor for Mac as well – including the ability to highlight text, and add images and text directly to PDF documents. While these are still being developed, if you purchase and download it now you’ll continue to receive updates for free and will benefit from these features as they roll out. All in all if you’re looking for a modifier for PDF files, its rich features and attractive price point should put it at the top of your list.