Responsive code generator on your sites

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We all already know the great importance of our sites presenting a responsive design so they are perfectly shown in all kinds of devices and resolutions in smart phones. That a site is responsive is not a whim or an extra added, it is a current need that favors SEO improves the user experience and in general makes our page or blog accessible to all users. Given the above, I found it very interesting to share the Embed Responsively tool with all of you.

Responsive code generator

It is a free web utility it does not need registration it works as a code generator responsive to embedding all kinds of multimedia elements on our page. A tool that will come of pearls to all who are not advanced developers with knowledge in layout to make responsive any multimedia elements that embed in their sites. Generator of responsive code, online and free, to embed or embed elements on the web.

Embed Responsively: responsive online code generator. This handy web utility allows you to generate a responsive code to embed elements on pages in just an instant compatible with different embedding elements.

  • YouTube: Generates a responsive code to embed any YouTube video.
  • Vimeo : Generates codes responsive to embed videos from Vimeo.
  • Daily motion Responsive code generator for Daily motion videos.
  • Google Maps: Get a responsive code to embed Google maps on your site.
  • Instagram: Responsive code generator for Instagram images and videos
  • Getty Images: You can also make responsive any image from Getty Images.
  • Generic iFrame: to generate the responsive code of any frame
  • Other: elements that already offer a responsive code.

Use Embed Responsively

To use this responsive code generator simply visit the Embed Responsively page choose the service or element that interests you and copy the responsive code that is offered to you. Without doubt a practical tool, that facilitates the task and we can use freely as many times as we want.