Sales of PlayStation VR have surprised even Sony

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The virtual reality device of PlayStation 4 passed the 900,000 units sold a figure well above the competition. Virtual reality is a format that has not yet taken off despite having several quality devices on the market. Facebook has Oculus Rift, HTC and Steam has Live Samsung has its VR Gear and Sony has the PlayStation VR.

Sales of PlayStation

Moreover, as far as video games are concerned PlayStation’s seem to be the most successful. Sony has announced that it has sold 915,000 units since its launch Oct. 13, up from the 420,000 HTC Live or the 243,000 Oculus Rift that listed estimates from Super Data Research. Of course, the Samsung Gear VR reaches 5 million. Its audience is not the same have the same power so do not fall into the same bag.

The figure has surprised even the managers of Sony which in their best forecasts expected to sell 1 million devices in the first 6 months. However, it seems that they will reach that figure earlier than estimated. The precaution of Sony producing PlayStation VR has led to some shortages in some areas of the world mainly in the USA. However, as And House says in his interview with The New York Times they preferred to sin with foresight than to take a false step.

The company claims that there are more than 200 games under development for the platform although now there are no big names that are added to the new format. However, games like Resident Evil 7 show that it is possible to make the jump with success.

Five generations and the story do not change. Motorola continues to repeat the formula that has managed to maintain the relevance in the most competitive segment of the smartphone, the mid-range. The bet returns to be a mobile of basic benefits without complications in the operating system without many applications preinstalled factory and at a reduced price. If it works, you know better not touch it.