Tips for fast advancement in Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go has been a bomb and everyone goes out with his or her friends to catch the rarest pokemon. With these tips to advance fast in Pokemon Go you will be sure to keep up. Our generation grew practically on par with this series of video games and cartoons or anime. Seeing Ash on his way to becoming a Pokemon master taught us many the value of perseverance and courage.

Pokemon Go

Although the video games that came to market in the hand of Nintendo were very close to the reality of the series, they never managed to convey the excitement of becoming a true Pokemon master. Now the dream of many has been fulfilled thanks to Nintendo’s augmented reality technology, we can play our favorite game away from a chair while we exercise and tour our cities as a true protagonist of our favorite series and game.

GO Pokemon has penetrated in such a way in society that it can be considered a social phenomenon. It is normal that at first, you feel frustrated to play but, with these tips to advance fast in Pokemon Go, you will soon find yourself at the highest levels. Pokemon Go is a game developed by Niantic. An augmented reality game moves the world of Pokemon into ours and makes us all into Pokemon trainers. As you advance, the mobile will warn you if there is a Pokemon near you, in order to catch it.

By downloading the game, you can start playing, enter your Google account and follow the advice of Professor Willow. Customize your Avatar and you are ready to play. To select a Pokémon you only have to touch the icon on the screen, soon the Pokémon will appear and you can launch the Poke ball by sliding your finger on the screen. To get the most coveted Pokémon of all you must follow the hidden trick of the game, that is, ignore the initial Pokémon and stay away from them, they will appear four times more and those four times you must ignore them.

What devices are supported?

Obviously, you will not go fast if you do not have a mobile compatible with the game. The game is compatible with iOS 8 and Android over version 4.4 until the new version Nougat at the time of launch will provide support. It should be noted that for iOS, Pokemon is not compatible if you jailbreak your iPhone.

Duplicate Pokemon Capture

They are very useful in obtaining points of experience because each duplicate Pokemon represents a specific number of candies that you can use to evolve a Pokémon. With each evolution, you increase your experience points. You also get candy if you offer the unwanted Pokémon to Professor Willow.