WhatsApp issues and how to fix them

WhatsApp has become the indispensable application for all mortals who use a smartphone. The dependence is such that on many occasions when WhatsApp problems appear, a kind of social alarm begins to spread. The generalized panic reaches all corners of the planet and we just want the service to start responding.

WhatsApp issues

At other times, the application has another set of drawbacks. Concrete mistakes that only happen to us, and we do not know how to arrange to continue enjoying WhatsApp as always. For all those who want to know everything about the app. For those who want to be prepared just in case.

You cannot install WhatsApp

One of the problems of WhatsApp that more headaches give is when it is presented the impossibility of being able to install it. There are many reasons why this may be happening to you. The first thing you have to discover is the state of your connection. Check if you are connected properly or if it is slow or unstable. Also, the lack of space in the terminal is also very common and can cause a problem when installing the app.

WhatsApp problems

In this case, we recommend that you keep all the data and files you have in the cloud. In addition, you have to take into account that in Android is very common the error of the app in the app store. Usually it produces the following error codes: 413, 481, 491, 492, 921, 927 or 941. If it’s happening to you go to Settings, Accounts, Google, Select your account. You must delete it, restart the device and then re-add it. Finally, make sure your device is compatible with the application. In case you do not know, last December WhatsApp stopped working on those older Android phones and iPhones.

You have not received the WhatsApp confirmation SMS

Have you installed the application, but do not receive the confirmation SMS to start using it? Maybe if you have not received it is because you entered the wrong phone number or have not included the country code (+34 in Spain). Verify that everything is correct. If you have done so and you still do not receive it, try activating the option to receive a call. An automatic system will tell you the confirmation code. Point it or memorize it to enter it into the application.

Also, make sure the phone number you have entered does not already have a WhatsApp account open. If this is, so the app will close one of the two so you can only use it on a single device. Of course this can result in not receiving the confirmation SMS. At other times, the text message is received but it fails to enter. It is likely that you are using an unrealized version or a different one from the original one. Look at this detail.

Contacts are not displayed

Another problem WhatsApp that can get crazy is when the contacts in the calendar do not appear in the app. Typically, WhatApp automatically adds contacts from your device’s calendar. If you notice that one in particular does not appear, it can be due to several causes. One of these is that the contact does not have WhatsApp. Another is that you have added your phone number wrong. Also, check that you have not blocked the contact itself. On Android disappears from the list.

On the contrary, perhaps what is overwhelming is that you are shown duplicate contacts. It is not usual, although it can happen, and more on Android. This is because the application checks the entire contact list that has been synchronized. The same contact can be in several lists at a time.

You cannot download photos or videos

You are using WhatsApp so calm and blow and you see you in the situation of not being able to download photos or videos. That could be happening. Verify once again that you are connected to the network correctly or that the connection is stable and is not slow. Do not forget to also check in the Settings or Settings of the app how you are downloading the photos, videos, documents or audios.

WhatsApp photos

You will see three options: Never; WiFi or WiFi and mobile data. If the option that appears as the one chosen is Never, you have already encountered your problem. In addition, is that by selecting it you cannot download photos or videos at any time. Change this parameter to start downloading.

The number of messages in the icon is not correct

As you can see in the previous capture, you suddenly see that you have a message, but you enter and there is nothing. You get number three and you do not have any. Do not despair, this is something very easy to fix. Just wait for a contact to send you a message to clear the desktop shortcut and create a new one. Also, try to delete the WhatsApp data as well. To do this, go to the Settings section. If none of the above worked, uninstall the application and reinstall it.

The message system date incorrect

Another of WhatsApp’s most head-on problems is when the incorrect date notification appears once the application is opened and it is not allowed to use it. If everything is correct, the problem is certainly of the application itself. So the only solution here is to delete the app and reinstall it. This will solve the problem without more time to lose.