ZTE presents a new intelligent parking system

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ZTE has decided to tackle one of the main problems of humanity find parking. In fact about 30% of the traffic of a congested city corresponds to people looking for place to leave the car. For this reason ZTE has introduced a smart parking system called NB-IoT Narrow band of the Internet of Things.

intelligent parking system

The system includes a data unit, an operating platform and a mobile application for the enraged user looking for parking in desperation. The ZTE NB-IoT is focused on pay parking since, for the moment, it is the only one that can be controlled. Of course, this includes the ubiquitous parking meters.

Real-time search

The process begins at the unit installed in the parking lot, either an outdoor parking or an on-line parking lot. By means of a geomagnetic detection technology it maintains the control of each square. In this way the user can search site in real time and reserve it through the application. At that point the app guides the driver to the parking lot in question. The user can pay the place from the same mobile although it will be difficult to remove the habit of leaving the ticket on the dashboard.

According to ZTE, the NB-IoT intelligent parking system is compact, wireless and easy to install. Maintenance is done remotely and is backed by powerful data mining. ZTE has tested its technology in the Chinese capitals of Shenzhen and Nanjing, but is scheduled to launch in cities around the world. The company says parking fines have dropped 12% and search time has dropped by 43%.

Decreases the time to find parking

The operation of the NB-IoT assumes that drivers without app will not catch the site as soon as they see it. That being able to park the car can become a trance capable of cutting the digestion to more than one. Depending on the country, a parking space can be the cause of burning disputes and endless strings of insults. However, the figures provided by the company are quite encouraging.

Parking in the center will continue to cost us money but if it is easier to find parking, much better. Senior technician in Electrical Engineering and still remembers some of his years in Chemistry. He is addicted to cinema passionate about technology plays everything playable and loves good cooking.